Curiosità del tartufo

The best part of the Molise truffle production.
The secret is in the humanity of people
and in the beauty of nature

The truffle is an underground fungus (that lives underground) shaped tuber, living in symbiosis with the roots of some plants, such as, for example, oak, linden, hazel, hornbeam and poplar. The fleshy mass, called "serfdom", is covered with a bark called "peridot". It consists of a high percentage of water, fiber and minerals, organic substances supplied from the tree with which it lives in symbiosis. The shape depends on the land where it was born: a soft ground will encourage the growth of a truffle to spherical shape, while a hard ground, rocky and with many roots, it will encourage a form lumpy.


Molise ranks first in Italy in the collection of the precious white truffle, Tuber Magnatum Pico, with as much as 40% of the total. A small region from which comes the best production of this precious fungus, suited to biodiversity and beauty of nature. To go "hunting" for truffles in summer the best time is at dawn, early in the morning, because with the large heat the dog gets tired easily. In winter, however, they prefer the hottest hours, when the ground is warmer and feels stronger the smell of truffles.


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