La cultura del tartufo

The local culture is our identity,
But always BEHIND the times

The truffle is the main protagonist of the region of Molise. Always surrownded by mystery, between delicacies of the table and aphrodisiac powers, it lives in the night lit up by hills and valleys that reach their peak in the vibrancy of colours and scents of the autumn. The secret is this: in the repeated gesture, in the darkness, patiently and curiously looking for the gold hidden in the land of Molise.


A real treasure hunt, with its rituals and its times. We get up early in the night, together with the friends of a lifetime. Few words and then off into the night, listening to the sounds of nature. Together with the dog, a bloodhound or a setter, fundamental partner in the search of the precious mushroom. It requires patience, luck and a lot of passion. This is how Angelo founded his company: CentroTartufi Molise.


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