To All our valuable Customers and Friends!

We are proud to inform you that last April 8 we have inaugurated the new plant in the nearby of Campobasso (operative since August 2016) and our new bar&restaurant with annexed a food and gift shop where you will find all our products and a selection of the best genuine food and tools manufactured in our region of Molise.

We called it Casa Molisana (Molisan Home).

In our shop, made with a modern design, you can have just a coffee, breakfast, a fast lunch to take standing or sitting at the table, with traditional dishes from Molise and purchasing from a wide selection of products from the best companies in the Molise region, where quality has always had a place of first importance among the manufacturers of every type of production. Our sales staff will assist and direct you on the choice of the products, giving you all information needed. Moreover, several promotional offers and special weeks will be organized to introduce the products to our customers.

We have a wide selection of gluten free products.

We are equipped with a wide parking area, free internet access, toilets suitable for people with disabilities.

Obviously our truffles could not be missed, pride of Molise, that has the highest production of both black than white nationally.

You will find the outlines in the pdf file downloadable on Dropbox: 

Presentation in English

On our Facebook page you will find pictures, details on our menu and contact information to reach us.


We will be more than happy to show you our new premises and have you as our special guest in the “Casa Molisana”!


Thank you for your attention, we will be waiting for you at the Casa Molisana!