A delegation of young chefs, led by Mr. Mena Strum of Diplomat, our Israeli importer, visited our company on the day of 11 January 2017.

Special guest was our friend and member of the Italian Chefs National Nicola Vizzarri, who prepared some really special dishes with truffles.

Raw Adriatic fish on a bed of creamy burrata, carrots and celery julienne, EVO oil and carpaccio of black truffle

Nicola Vizzarri and Angelo Palombo   

Square spaghetti with Premium truffle sauce on a bed of pea cream.


Pasta "Fregola" with Adriatic clams, Cherry tomatoes, our Gran Bosco mushrooms mix, extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley.


Mr Angelo Palombo, owner of Centro Tartufi Molise, with Mr Nicola Vizzarri, Mr Mena Strum from Tel Aviv and the delagation of the Israeli chefs.


And finally: the panorama from our plant these snowy days!